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Online Rug Shopping Adventures

Sarah Hollingshead4 Comments

Normally, I would say: Be afraid. Be very afraid when it comes to online rug shopping!  Hey, it can be frustrating. Don't worry though! I am here to help. I have bought rugs in the past in stores only. I was excited to see all the options out there!

RugsUSA.com has a ton of choices!!

 What rugs would look good in my home? 

Here are a couple things I looked for...

1. Is it unique and fun? I like pieces that tell a story or at least great to make new stories with! 

2. Is it soft, like a heavenly escape? Who doesn't love soft? I love faux fur and all things fluffy. #guilty


3. Will it match with my furniture?  The best rugs for our house have always been neutral. Simply because it goes with everything and wraps that vintage feel with a bow! Although, I am not afraid to venture out of my comfort zone and do some bright colors too!

4. Last but not least, is it toddler proof? This is a hard one! I am just going to go with it! 


Drumroll pleassssse... 


I chose the BEAUMONT PANEL in ivory at RugsUSA!! And I love it! It is everything I wanted and more! 

The color is way more vibrant in person and I love the fact that it's in the vintage category!! #YES


This online rug shopping adventure has been the best ever and I can't wait to buy more rugs. 

Now it's time to have a rug dance party with Harper!

I love how soft and bouncy it is!!

P.s You need to buy rug pads and make sure you measure your space before hand!

The pads will keep it from sliding and give a longer life to your rugs!

It also adds an extra bounce for all those fun house parties you are going to be having now!! 


Thanks for stopping by!!! xoxo Sarah & Harper 

P.s. leave a comment! We want to know you stopped by! Let us know your online rug shopping rug tips below!!