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A charity near and dear to our hearts!

Sarah Hollingshead2 Comments

We've been so busy settling into our new house and making memories! I'm excited to share it with you. It's all coming together!

We almost forgot to tell you about a charity that's near and dear to our hearts! It's called My Friend's House, Family and Children's services.

As a parent, I could not imagine seeing my child suffer and without any place to go. My Friend's House is an incredible organization that is a group home for boys operated in Williamson County Youth, Inc. Education and exposure to opportunities are the major components to this program! They give them hope and a new opportunity to  recover from difficult and trying situations to become successful young adults! It makes my heart so happy to see all the work they have done. Please help give back to this incredible organization click www.myfriendshousetn.org/mardigras/royal-court/vote and make sure to scroll to Caroline & Wes Weigel and hit vote to donate! 

They are our sweet friends and have done so much for us. Caroline and Wes have huge hearts and have helped out so many in the community! 

Here is a sweet story about Ben from My Friend's House...


Ben only.jpg


" Ben is one of My Friend's House many successes. He is one that wants to share his story. Ben came to My Friend’s House in the fall of 2012, through a series of circumstances that had him on the wrong path. He was making bad choices, failing out of school and otherwise not caring about the present or his future.

A short time after his arrival during his senior year, he began to experience a change. His attitude toward school began to change. He worked hard and attended academic tutoring and credit recovery everyday after school. He also was placed in a drug and alcohol program to get the help he needed. Not only did he get help with his school work, he gained respect for the adults who were caring for him. He made new friends and became a role model among the other boys. He excelled in the program and completed it in four months. 

However, he finished the program early in his final semester of high school, and he didn’t want to move schools again so close to graduation and return to his previous school. He was granted special permission to stay on at My Friend’s House, complete the semester and graduate from the school where he had experienced so much success. Through the help of My Friend’s House he also attended prom that year, and most impressively, was offered a scholarship to attend college at Oakland City University in Indiana.

He attended college for two years and returned to middle Tennessee in the spring of 2014. He began work as a carpet cleaning technician subcontracting with a major company and currently has started his own carpet cleaning business with his long-time friend and partner, Earl Doran.

He credits My Friend’s House and the work of Katie Creighton, Kiley Maupin, Carolyn McFall and their direct care staff with his success. He wants the community to know that the care he received through My Friend’s House is in large part the reason he is so successful today. He wants the boys in the program to know if they work hard, follow the program, pay attention to their school work, and respect those that are there to help, they will get on the road toward their own success.

He has fond memories of his time here at My Friend’s House. It wasn’t always easy, but he learned how to cope with the trials of life and is thriving today. His story continues, and it was put on the right path here at My Friend’s House. We hope you are inspired by his story and hope that you will be a part of the boys’ success stories in the future. Thank you, Ben, for sharing your story, your joy and your amazing smile! "

Please donate to this amazing organization, even if you can give $1.00. It will make a difference. 100% goes to this organization and helps out these sweet children in need. Thank you! 





P.s. Stay tuned for a blog post coming soon about our vintage farmhouse. We are sharing decor info and lifestyle posts (including my new art studio-yay!) lifestyle posts & more. Hoping to answer all your questions.